Since 1992 the active members have participated in weekend-long road trips (traiditonally in the spring or summer but not exclusively so). These events are announced in the newsletter and often involve a convention or a visit to a resort town. There are usually 10 to 15 Knights in attendance. Some notable trips include:

1992 Who Party 10 (Nicola Bryant) Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
1993 A Science Fiction Media Celebration (Jon Pertwee) Boston, MA
1994 Class Act Production’s Star Trek Weekend (Avery Brooks) Fort Washington, PA
1995 Maryland Renaissance Faire Crownsville, MD
1996 Cramer’s Point Lake George, NY
1997 Fort Geronimo Sports Lodge Redfield, NY
1998 North East Super Con I (Gil Gerard & Erin Grey) Kiamesha Lake, NY
1999 Montreal Quebec, CANADA
2000 Watch Hill/Misquamicut Beach Westerly, RI
2001 Chatham & Provincetown Cape Cod, MA
2002 Sterling Renaissance Festival Sterling, NY
2003 Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown, NY
2004 Wells Beach, ME July 30th – August 2nd

ccasionally called K.O.T.W.G. OR “Kot-Wigg” and sometimes erroneously called “The White Knights of Gallifrey”) was founded during the summer of 1987. Most of the members ranged between the ages of 13 and 28 and had been watching the Doctor Who television series for at least four years. The initial goals of the club were the following:
To create a new type of fan club where the membership would have the final say.
To provide members with regular meetings and 12 monthly newsletters.
To support Doctor Who on our local PBS station WGBY Channel 57 in Springfield, MA.
To arrange trips to Doctor Who events outside of our local area.
To encourage convention promoters to host Doctor Who events in our local area.
To promote cooperation amongst local fan clubs.
To insure the ongoing production of the Doctor Who television series.

Needless to say our enthusiam exceeded our abilities. No single fan organization could have realistically kept Doctor Who on the air. After two years of volunteering at what appeared to be successful pledge drives, WGBY dropped Doctor Who in the spring of 1989. Still we have met with relative success in all other areas.
What does the name mean?
The character of the White Guardian was introduced in the Doctor Who television episode The Ribos Operation in September of 1978. The character was the creation of script editor Anthony Read and fleshed by actor Cyril Luckham. Throughout the 16th season of the program, the Doctor travels through time and space as an agent or “pawn of the White Guardian.” As part of the Guardian’s quest, the Doctor had to collect the six segments of the Key to Time, a powerful time talisman, before he could resume his normal adventures.
The White Guardian was a popular character in Doctor Who fan fiction in the mid-1980’s and we wanted to somehow include him in the name of the club. Everyone thought “pawns of the White Guardian” sounded kind of passive so we adopted “Knights of the White Guardian” choosing a somewhat more romantic chess piece to represent ourselves.

Current Status:

Who are the Knights?

Today the Knights consists of 35+ paying members. Amongst this group are approximately 24 “active members” in the sense that they take part in club events, newsletter production, or updating the web site. Most of the active members live in Western Massachusetts or lived there at one time. Active members range in age from 23 to 52 though most are in their mid-30’s. Nine members of the active membership have been with the Knights since 1987.